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Our Passion is Your Success

Our goal is to bring excellence in every connection with your customers. Our approach is customized to each business partner that we work with.  We work together to create a flexible, quality and compliance focused processes that will yield the best ROI.  

Client Support

Customer and Business Call/Email/Chat Support

Our leadership team works with your team, to carefully develop a flow and process that streamlines the inquiry and solutions to maximize customer connections. Our inbound services can assist business not only address customer inquiries.


We can also help business partners drive revenue through upsell and cross-selling, or by acquiring key customer data for marketing and customer retention analysis.

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Lead and Sales Development

Lead Generation and Telesales

Our agents are trained specifically to your product. We act as an extension of your inside sales teams, providing you with the talent and tools to grow your business.


We help feed sales teams qualified leads via direct connection, or by setting up appointments for internal or Yessio challenger sales teams. We provide a structure that removes risk and increase profitability.  

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Prospecting and Data Analysis

Prospecting New and Existing Clients

Content marketing is a great way to reach your target audiences, and current clients. Each marketing distribution channel has unique benefits, but telemarketing offers an unparalleled opportunity for immediate connection and feedback from a potential buyer, or current customer. Today, mass marketing is the norm, telemarketing offers a personalized experience where trust and relationships can be built.

We work with Marketing, and Sales teams to profile potential prospects for marketing and tele-marketing campaigns. We help businesses gain insight into their existing client base as well and develop client retention and up-sell campaigns.

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A/R Cure and Recovery

Collecting on delinquent accounts requires a substantial human capital investment, an investment in technology, and expertise in compliance. We help businesses protect profitability by creating processes to reduce customer delinquency rates and the cost of collection efforts.

We have spent a lot of time polishing best practices in the areas of management, administration and collection technique and strategy so that we can better serve your needs. We are compliant with all FDCPA, FCRA, HIPAA, CFPB and state laws for your peace-of-mind. We pride ourselves in the expertise that we have in our industry and this shows through in the work that we do for our customers.

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A/R Recovery
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